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Our Expertise

We are a leading staffing and recruiting firm specializing in logistics, supply chain sectors, and government contracts. Our proven track record showcases our ability to connect businesses, including various government entities, with skilled professionals tailored to meet complex demands.

Our Commitment to Results

We take pride in our successful partnerships, reflected in our portfolio of satisfied government and private sector clients. Testimonials from candidates who have found their calling through our services attest to our commitment to delivering results. Whether you’re a business seeking qualified personnel or a candidate aspiring to a career in logistics and government services, Target Logistics Inc. is your trusted partner.

Our Philosophy

Our client-centric approach is ingrained in our practice, not just a philosophy. We leverage innovative methodologies and advanced technology to identify

top-tier talent effectively. We provide custom staffing solutions, deeply understanding each client’s unique business context and the stringent requirements of government contracts.

Our Experience

With years of experience handling government contracts and a focus on logistics and supply chain sectors, Target Logistics Inc. offers expert staffing and recruiting solutions. Contact us today and let us contribute to your success with our comprehensive services.

Meet the Founder

Meet Carlos, the founder of Target Logistics Inc., whose dedicated leadership has driven the company to new heights, shaping its path toward success.

Carlos Cantu


Leveraging over two decades of exemplary service as a Logisitics Specialist Senior Chief in the United States Navy, Carlos Cantu established Target Logistics Inc., drawing on his extensive expertise in Naval logistics management. His background in military leadership forms the backbone of his role at the company. 


At Target Logistics Inc., he prioritizes fostering enduring client partnerships, aligning with the company's mission to facilitate active military personnel’s seamless transition into civilian life. This commitment showcases his understanding of veterans' challenges and the invaluable skills they bring to the workforce.


Through his comprehensive approach, Carlos has positioned Target Logistics Inc. as a leader in the logistics field by merging exceptional service delivery with a steadfast dedication to supporting our nation’s veterans.

Phone: 123-456-7890

Target Logistics Inc. is classified by the following NAICS codes: 561330, 561320, 423840, 314994, 314999, 423490, 423690, 432910, 423990, 424120

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